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Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Book Reviews Coming Soon

I'm working on several books as the moment, Modern Indian Cooking By Hari Nayak & Vikas Khanna, Menus and Memories from Punjab: Meals to Nourish Body and Soul By Veronica Sidhu and Entertaining from an Ethnic Indian Kitchen By Komali Nunna. I'm waiting for the arrival of several other regional cookbooks, which I'll be reviewing also. More on those soon.

On my Gluten Free blog, I'll be reviewing two cookbooks - Gluten Free Everyday Cookbook By Gluten-free Chef Robert Landolphi and The Glorious Gluten-free Cookbook By Vanessa Maltin, and Real Life with Celiac Disease Troubleshooting and Thriving Gluten Free By Melinda Dennis, MS,RD,LDN and Daniel Leffler, MD,MS, both founding members of the Celiac Center at Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Click on the links when they become active (as I publish them) to read the reviews.

Thanks for stopping in. See you all back here shortly!

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