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Friday, February 12, 2010

Indian Summer Prints

I came across this site while looking for something totally different and fell in love with this pattern in particular. One can drift off to sleep and dream of being in India, not only for this beautiful design but also for the description of it.

Inspiration for Indian Summer:

Under the sweltering sun, the heart of the Indian summer unfolds many a sensory extravagance. The ambrosial sweetness of sun ripened mangoes, the heady fragrance of velvety roses, and the quiet rustle of opulent silk saris. Indian Summer’s saffron hued ground provides a brilliant backdrop to the delicate ornamentation of the unusual three leaf, rose kissed petite paisley print replete with emerald green highlights. Indian Summer conjures up an abstract edible quality of rose petals atop a lush mango sorbet...

courtesy of Saffron

Visit Saffron Marigold for this pattern and many other breathtaking ones as well, in a variety of items for your home.

A visit to Dilli Haat Fest

Colors and Crafts Of India-1
Dilli Haat is a place in Delhi where the craftsmen from all over India come to display their work. It has everything from vibrant colors, sounds, flavors and a spirit of One India. Take a look at some of the pix in two parts.
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Handicrafts from India -2
Some more Handicraft from the dilli haat master craftsmen of India festival. A place showcasing the traditional crafts of India
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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Treasure of Trash

This is an excellent article on a heart-wrenching situation. Kudos to Ms Khullar for having the compassion, insight and talent to write this touching story.

The Treasure of Trash By MRIDU KHULLAR Published: February 2010