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Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Greatest Konkani Song Hits

Goanetter Francis Rodrigues (Vasco/Toronto) unveils his book,
The Greatest Konkani Song Hits. Launch dates: Goa (Kala
Academy) on 9 Aug. 4 pm. U.K. (Staines) on 15 Aug. Canada on
20 Aug and US on 30 Aug. Details:

* FIRST time ever - all original best-selling music of the last fifty
years, not just Konkani, but even Portuguese and Swahili! Unavailable
music of Chris Perry, Frank Fernand, Wilfy Rebimbus, M. Boyer, Alfred
Rose, H. Britton, Fadhili Williams, Henry D'Souza, B. Magno, Los
Payos, Paulo Borges, Manuel Alphonso, Silviano Barbosa, Romeo Mendes,
Reginald Fernandes, etc!

* SHEET-MUSIC - available for the very first time - transcribed
perfectly note-for-note. Songs include: "Cathrina", "Adeus Korchea
Vellar", "Claudia", "Mog Tuzo Kithlo Axelom", "Lisboa", "Kampala",
"Sacrament Zoddlo", "Bandra Festak", "Mollbailo Dou", "Malaika" "Maria
Isabel", "Encosta Tua Cabecinha", "Cecilia", "Mogacho Divo", "Proud To
Be A Goan", "Marialina", "Maria Pitache", "Calangute", "Bebdo",
"Sweater Kori", Tambdde Roza", "Hanv Saiba", "Don Kallzam", etc.

* CHORDS - not only have the chords been annotated to the music, but
intricate chord-diagrams supplied throughout each song! The songs can
now even be accompanied by harmonic instruments without sheet- music
like the piano, accordion, keyboard, guitar, etc.

* GUITAR TAB: For bands/groups worldwide, separate music in tablature
for the guitar are a stunning addition!

* LYRICS - original and authentic, cross-referenced from myriad
sources, conveying both the composer's intentions and the background
behind each song!

* TRANSLATIONS - a fantastic innovation, worth many times the cost of
the book! Each song has not only been beautifully and accurately
translated, but the translations have been set to verse/rhymed - now
not only can the songs be poetically re-sung in English, but bring our
music to the doorsteps of the world!

* PROGRAM NOTES - another superb plus, original and detailed
historical liner-notes, anecdotes, painstakingly cross-checked and
researched from numerous sources, to not only authenticate the
background, but illuminate the legend behind each song!

* FREE DVD: a priceless bonus!! ALL the songs have been filmed
performed by Canadian master pianist Victor Martins, so you can
observe close-up in intricate detail how to perform this superb music.
The invaluable DVD cost alone is worth its weight in gold!

* RELEASE: the book is being released worldwide for World Goa Day on
20 August, 2009.

Launch copies available in Goa at Pedro Fernandes and Furtados
(Panjim). International orders will be filled online, so please
register free here to be informed of availability. Or drop us a line
to register, at

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Documentary images of high tide in Mumbai & Bandra-Worli Sea

Mumbai had recently witnessed high tide waves measuring 5.05 meters which was rated as tide of the century.

During the tide I visited the fishing community of Worli village, Mumbai to find out how they had cope with the tide. I bring you documentary images of the high tide in Mumbai.

Another event that took place in Mumbai was the coming up of long waited Bandra-Worli Sea link. Here is the link to the series of images on the Sea link.

My friend and colleague Rajen Nair would like to share this documentary in picture form with you.

Saturday, August 01, 2009