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Monday, January 05, 2009

Nutrition Book for Indians

AAPI NUTRITION BOOK - A comprehensive nutrition book for all who are of Indian origin

"Nutrition guide for Indians compiled by outstanding dietitians" Presented by Thakor G. Patel, MD MACP Advisor, Public Health Committee and Shardad Lakhampal, MD - President, AAPI

Introduction: Sudha Raj PhD RD
Heart Disease: Geeta Sikand MA RD FADA CDE
North Indian Cuisine: Madhu Gadia MS RD CDE
Nepali Cuisine: Suraj Mathema MS RD CDN MBA
Oriya & Bengali Cuisine: Ranjita Misra PhD CHES
South Indian Cuisine: Nirmala Ramasubramanian MS RD CDN CDE
Maharashtrain Cuisine: Keya Deshpande MS
Gujarati Cuisine: Rita (Shah) Batheja MS RD CDN
Choosing Healthy Snacks: Janaki N. Sengupta MSc RD CDN
Desserts of India: Sharmila Chatterjee MSc MS RD
Low Fat Cooking & How to Modify a Recipe: Nimesh Bhargava MS RD CNSD MBA
Managing Your Menu is an Indian Restaurant: Karmeen Kulkarni MS RD CD CDE BC-ADM
Summary: Padmini Balagopal MS B.ED RD CDE IBCLC
Exchange Lists for Indians with Diabetes: Chhaya Patel MA RD CSR
Glossary: Nirmala Abraham MS RD & Theja Mahalingaiah MA RD CFPP
Diabetes Information in English and 5 Regional Languages

You can download it from following links:



  1. you diet is in the hands of my wife...and she kicks me out if I propose to follow this book...please understand!!

    Delighted for your time spent on my blog.

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  3. I am looking for a nutrition guide book suited for Indians. It should tell me about essential vitamins minerals, and natural food stuffs to have a complete diet.I dont want to know medicinal supplements (tablets/syrups), natural cures for basic problems and dieseases like bp, constipation,stress, etc. I want the book to talk about ideal dist for man, woman, pregnant woman, elderly and a child. Please suggest a good book.