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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beautiful Music from Goa

Check this out please:
Music from Goa

These songs are amazing. If you are or know of a musician from Goa who wants to be featured on this site, please contact - the creator of the Facebook application - Fredrick.

Featured Songs

Rui Lobo: The mando goes guitar (featured)
Rui Lobo: The guitar goes Konkani (featured
Rui Lobo: A fado from Goa (featured)
Rui Lobo: Classical (featured)
Rui Lobo: Adeus Korchea Vellar
Rui Lobo: The Freedom Song (Catarina's Song) (featured)
Rui Lobo: Konkani, and the twanging strings
Roaque Lazarus: The Spirited Konkani Medley (featured)

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