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Friday, February 08, 2008

Book Review - A Golden Age - Tahmima Anam

My recent book review A Golden Age By Tahmima Anam appeared on Lokvani this week. Here is an excerpt and the link to the rest of the article. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to my review of Intern: A Doctor’s Initiation By Sandeep Jauhar M.D.


Told through the eyes of the young widow Rehana Haque, A Golden Age recounts the events leading up to and including the Bangladesh War of Independence from East Pakistan in 1971. It is the story of Rehana's struggle to preserve alive herself and her children.

For those who have experienced the ravages of war, reading the story of the Haque family may take them back to relive a time they may either wish to forget or hold it's memories close to their hearts as they empathize with them. For those of us who have never experienced such atrocities or devastation, we cry in sympathy and try to wrap our minds around the events that are so vividly portrayed by the author; those of war and refugee camps alike.

Read the rest of the review here

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