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Friday, November 09, 2007

A Fun New Way To Learn Hindi

In the recent past (only a few posts ago actually) we spoke about programs to help you learn Hindi and other Indian languages. However, there's a non-traditional way to learn Hindi and its more fun than "a barrel of monkeys" as we say in America. I wonder what the saying would be in India. Any help here?????

Anyway, I found a new way to learn Hindi from a post on my friend Aswin's Blog. It's called Cutting Chai. The creator Arun Krishnan designs podcasts so that we can "Learn Hindi from Bollywood Movies".

Besides listening to the podcasts, you can follow along with the written dialogues that he has meticulously written as well. Along with metaphors, similies and sarcasm, Arun takes learning Hindi to a new and hilarious level.

If you want a fun way to learn Hindi, please give Arun's site a try. He'll take you through all kinds of situations that you may encounter on your journey through India and how to deal with them. For instance, you may find yourself in the "Garden of Love" which often happens in Bollywood, or you may accidently dash your car into another's on the chaotic roads of India. What would you do or say to remedy the matter without much provocation? Have you had less than perfect dealings with a rickshaw driver? Arun has it all figured out for you. You'll be speaking Hindi in no time and surprising not only yourself but your family and friends too.

As they say in many a Bollywood film ... Sada sukhi raho aur jeeti raho (Be happy forever and live for a long time)


  1. I have a list of like 10 languages I'd love to learn, and Hindi is on there behind Japanese, Spanish, and Russian. Unfortunately for me I have this thing in my brain that won't let me learn a new language.

    I'm going to bookmark that site, though. Thanks!

  2. Hey Matt,

    How are you? Long time no see.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.

    10 languages? WOW! I'll settle to learn Hindi for now thanks. You just have to dicipline yourself and you'll be able to do it too.

    You're welcome for the link to the site too. Arun is hilarious and very witty. Enjoy!

    Phir Milenge (see you again)

  3. Another resource you might consider is the daily learn Hindi podcast that my family and I produce. You can see it at

  4. I have made quite some good progress with L-Ceps Personaltrainer Hindi. Its audio-visual approach make you very easily remember Hindi words and phrases and after having tried a number of different approaches to learning Hindi this is so far the most promising.
    You can download a trial from their website: