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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Decorating Your House in India Style

I have decorated my home over the past few years with different items from India. Wanting to add more of the style of India, I recently purchased the book titled just that - 'India Style' by Alexandra Bonfante-Warren and can't wait to start incorporating the ideas given within it.

For anyone who wants to add a little culture to their home based on the concepts from India, this is the book to get. You'll love it!

Here is the book's description, which is given on

"From the Taj Mahal to modest dwellings made of mud or wood, India is a world rich in color, texture, and style--and these dazzling full-color images of the country's architecture and interior design elements focus on just those aspects easily adaptable to Western homes. Every photo provides a wealth of inspiration for totally redoing your house or simply giving a room an Indian flair. Tour traditional and contemporary Indian homes to see how their extraordinarily vivid palettes--bright baby blues and pinks enhanced with favorite images, sophisticated combinations such as the saffron and plum of Buddhist monks, or the sober, rich hue of deep, pure indigo--can infuse your walls, furnishings, shutters, or doorways with India style. Feel the power and excitement of the carved wooden furniture, hammered brass bowls, Mughal miniatures, magnificent silk textiles, and time-ripened antique rugs. Then bring the passion and diversity of India to bear on your own exotic retreat."

As I add the ideas in the book, I'll be sure to upload the pics here for you to see.


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