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Friday, March 16, 2007

Will the next American Idol be Indian?

India has its Indian Idol, mirrored after American Idol, but what would it be like to have the next American Idol be Indian? It could just be what will happen as we watch Sanjaya Malakar perform and make it through the weeks ahead.

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At just 17 years old Sanjaya and his sister Shyamali, who is 19 auditioned back-to-back and both made it in. Unfortunately, Shyamali didn't make it as far as her brother has, since she was cut during the Hollywood Week.

Half Italian and half Indian, their father was a classic East Indian musician, so coming from a musical background has helped tremendously.

Here are some clips and links to Sanjaya.

Sanjaya's American Idol Audition

Sanjaya's Biography

Sanjaya's Fan Club Site

Sanjaya Malakar

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