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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

And then there's cricket

My Everything Indian blog wouldn't be complete without a post/tribute to the game of cricket. I'm just getting to know the game and think the following clip, complete with a Punjabi song is the bomb.

Below the clip is an excerpt from Wikipedia on the game along with the link to the entire entry.

What I do know is the list of players on the Indian team for the 2007 World Cup, which is currently in full swing (yes, the pun was intended).

Rahul Dravid - Captain
Sachin Tendulkar
Irfan Pathan
Sourav Ganguly
Harbhajan Singh
Munaf Patel
Zaheer Khan
Anil Kumble
M S Dhoni
Ajit Agarkar
Yuraj Singh
Virender Sehwag
S Sreesanth
Dinesh Karthik
Robin Uthappa

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

Cricket is a bat and ball sport played between two teams, usually of eleven players each. A cricket match is played on a grass field (which is usually roughly oval), in the centre of which is a flat strip of ground 22 yards (20.12 m) long, called a pitch. At each end of the pitch is a set of three parallel wooden stakes (known as stumps) driven into the ground, with two small crosspieces (known as bails) laid on top of them. This wooden structure is called a wicket. A player from the fielding team (the bowler) bowls a hard, fist-sized cork-centred leather ball from one wicket towards the other. The ball usually bounces once before reaching a player from the opposing team (the batsman), who defends the wicket from the ball with a wooden cricket bat. The batsman, if he or she does not get out, may then run between the wickets, exchanging ends with the other batsman (the "non-striker"), who has been standing in an inactive role near the bowler's wicket, to score runs. The other members of the bowler's team stand in various positions around the field as fielders. The match is won by the team that scores more runs.

For entire entry, please go here

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 - Official Website

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