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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Room To Read on Oprah

I just received this wonderful news from my friends at Room To Read. I'm sure you'll agree with me that this is a great step forward in helping to educate children in India and the world over.

Dear Friends of Room to Read,

We are incredibly excited to announce that John Wood, our Founder and CEO, will be a guest on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" scheduled to air on Tuesday, April 3rd. The episode will feature individuals who are truly making a difference in the world. This is an amazing opportunity for us to reach a wide audience and share John's story and the mission of Room to Read. But wait, the news gets even better... She will be issuing a challenge to her audience to support our work through a book drive through, which will raise funds for new local language books and libraries!

We would love for you to help get the word out, so please consider:

1. Hosting a viewing party so more of your friends can learn about Room to Read!

2. Getting a few copies of John's book, Leaving Microsoft to Change the World, into the hands of your friends who might want to support Room to Read's work. The book also will be featured on the show.

Thank you again for all of your continued support as we reach new heights! This is a momentous occasion for Room to Read and we hope you will tune in on Tuesday, April 3rd (check local listings for program information)! If the show and the book drive are a big success, it could mean the opportunity to bring the lifelong gift of education to hundreds of thousands of children across the developing world.

Warmest regards,
The Room to Read Team

So please join us in not only watching the show, but also in taking part in Oprah's challenge! Thank you in advance!

Room To Read

Thursday, March 29, 2007


A recent article on Sunita Williams, tells us that "what goes up, may not always come down", at least not when planned anyway. See Astronaut Stuck In Space

Sunita Lyn "Suni" Williams, born September 19, 1965 in Euclid, Ohio, is a NASA astronaut. She is currently assigned to the International Space Station as a member of Expedition 14.

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Williams is the second woman of Indian heritage to have been selected by NASA for a space mission after Kalpana Chawla. She holds the records for number of space walks and total time spent on spacewalks by a woman: four space walks for a total of 29 hours and 17 minutes.

Facts courtesy of Wikipedia on Sunita Williams

Kalpana Chawla (July 1, 1961 – 1 February 2003), you may remember, was an Indian-born American astronaut and a space shuttle mission specialist.

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She was, unfortunately, one of seven crew members lost aboard Space Shuttle Columbia during mission STS-107, when the shuttle disintegrated upon reentry into the Earth's atmosphere.

Facts courtesy of Wikipedia on Kalpana Williams

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another Beautiful Hindi Film

If you haven't seen Vivah (marriage) yet, you should do so. It's a beautiful story about the journey from engagement to the sacred, pure and eternal institution of marriage for Poonam (Amrita Rao), a middle class girl who lives in the small town of Madhupur, to Prem (Shahid Kapoor), the son of Mr. Harishchandra (Anupam Kher), a renowned businessman from New Delhi.

Although from two different worlds, so to speak, the match is "made in heaven" as they say. Vivah is a heartwarming tale of unconditional love … even through the trial by fire that the two come up against.

Here is one of the songs that is absolutely one of my very favorite - Mujhe Haq Hai. Enjoy!


"Mujhe Haq Hai"
Movie: Vivah
Music & Lyrics: Ravindra Jain
Translation Courtesy of Rajshri Productions
Singers: Udit Narayan and Shreya Ghoshal

Mujhe haq hai (I have the right)
Tujhko ji bhar ke main dekhoon, (I have the right to this liberty of beholding your beauty to my heart's content)
Mujhe haq hai
Bas yun hi dekh tha jaaon, (Of gazing upon you in endless love)
Mujhe haq hai

Piya, piya, piya, piya, bole mera jiya (My love, my love calls out in answer)
Tumhe haq hai (You have the right)
Tumhe haq hai
Tumhe haq hai

Dhal rahi pighal rahi, yeh raat dheere dheere (Darkening, melting, the night is slowly deepening)

Bhar rahi hai pyaar ki, baat dheere dheere (Giving in to love's music, a romance slowly blossoming)

Chudiyan, gun gunna ke, kya kahe sajna (In the music of my bangles, what is the lyric, my love?)
Yeh chudiyan, gun gunaa ke, kya kahe sajna (What message does the language of my bangles speak?)

Raat ki raat jagaaon, mujhe haq hai (To keep you awake all night, I have the right)
Chand poonam ka churaaon, mujhe haq hai (To steal upon your beauty, I have the right

Piya, Piya, Piya, Piya, Bole Mera Jiya
Tumhe Haq Hai
Tumhe Haq Hai
Tumhe Haq Hai

Kal subaah, tujhse main, door chala jaaonga (Tomorrow, time will distance us )
Ek pal ko bhi tujhe, bhool nahin paaonga (But not for a moment will I be able to forget you)
Yeh chehra, yeh muskaan, aankhon mein bharke (My eyes will be filled with your face, your smile)
Yeh chehra, yeh muskaan, aankhon mein bharke (In memories of your beautiful face, your endearing smile)
Main Teri Yaad Mein Tarpoon, mujhe haq hai (To suffer in your absence, I have the right)
Gusse milne ko main tarsoon, mujhe haq hai (To yearn to meet you, I have the right)

Piya, Piya, Piya, Piya, Bole Mera Jiya
Tumhe Haq Hai
Tumhe Haq Hai
Tumhe Haq Hai

Mujhe haq hai

Tumhe Haq Hai

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

And then there's cricket

My Everything Indian blog wouldn't be complete without a post/tribute to the game of cricket. I'm just getting to know the game and think the following clip, complete with a Punjabi song is the bomb.

Below the clip is an excerpt from Wikipedia on the game along with the link to the entire entry.

What I do know is the list of players on the Indian team for the 2007 World Cup, which is currently in full swing (yes, the pun was intended).

Rahul Dravid - Captain
Sachin Tendulkar
Irfan Pathan
Sourav Ganguly
Harbhajan Singh
Munaf Patel
Zaheer Khan
Anil Kumble
M S Dhoni
Ajit Agarkar
Yuraj Singh
Virender Sehwag
S Sreesanth
Dinesh Karthik
Robin Uthappa

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

Cricket is a bat and ball sport played between two teams, usually of eleven players each. A cricket match is played on a grass field (which is usually roughly oval), in the centre of which is a flat strip of ground 22 yards (20.12 m) long, called a pitch. At each end of the pitch is a set of three parallel wooden stakes (known as stumps) driven into the ground, with two small crosspieces (known as bails) laid on top of them. This wooden structure is called a wicket. A player from the fielding team (the bowler) bowls a hard, fist-sized cork-centred leather ball from one wicket towards the other. The ball usually bounces once before reaching a player from the opposing team (the batsman), who defends the wicket from the ball with a wooden cricket bat. The batsman, if he or she does not get out, may then run between the wickets, exchanging ends with the other batsman (the "non-striker"), who has been standing in an inactive role near the bowler's wicket, to score runs. The other members of the bowler's team stand in various positions around the field as fielders. The match is won by the team that scores more runs.

For entire entry, please go here

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 - Official Website

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Warm Up With Some Delicious Chai

We're back in the cold weather here in the Northeast. So to warm up, nothing beats a deliciously warm cup of Indian Chai (tea). There are several variations and here are some great recipes for you to try tonight.

ENJOY and stay warm!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Will the next American Idol be Indian?

India has its Indian Idol, mirrored after American Idol, but what would it be like to have the next American Idol be Indian? It could just be what will happen as we watch Sanjaya Malakar perform and make it through the weeks ahead.

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At just 17 years old Sanjaya and his sister Shyamali, who is 19 auditioned back-to-back and both made it in. Unfortunately, Shyamali didn't make it as far as her brother has, since she was cut during the Hollywood Week.

Half Italian and half Indian, their father was a classic East Indian musician, so coming from a musical background has helped tremendously.

Here are some clips and links to Sanjaya.

Sanjaya's American Idol Audition

Sanjaya's Biography

Sanjaya's Fan Club Site

Sanjaya Malakar

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Blogging in Hindi

After seeing my last post about blogging in Gujarati, my friend Farrukh wrote and let me know that we can blog in Hindi as well.

Please stop by and check out his blog called, "Who Wrote That?", which talks about it and tell him Simran sent you. ;-)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Linguistic Trivia and Other Fun Facts

Did you know that ...

The word Anaconda comes from the Tamil phrase aana-kolra which means ‘elephant killing’?

Or that ... the word Serpent comes from Sanskrit word “Sarpam” meaning snake or any creature that hisses or stings?

Maybe you've heard that ...

The state of Punjab means "Land of Five Rivers" and gets its name from the five rivers Jhelum, Sutlej, Ravi, Chenab, and Beas which originally flowed in the region, making it one of the most fertile areas in the world.

Or even ...

The state of Meghalaya gets its name from “megha” meaning clouds and “alaya”, meaning abode. The name therefore means, “The Abode of the Clouds”.

For more linguistic trivia and fun facts on India, please visit Bhasha India's Trivia Page and maybe even learn something new.

Hindi Words in English

I thought the following article on how much of an influence Indian languages have had on the English language was very interesting.

Here is an excerpt:

"English is one of the most widely spoken languages of the world. It is also has a rich vocabulary with Oxford dictionary listing more than 600,000 words. The reason behind the extensive vocabulary is very simple. English has evolved by incorporating words from various languages from all over the world. Many Indian words have made it to the regular English vocabulary. Most of them were added during the British imperialistic rule over India from spanning from 16th to 20th century. More than five hundred words of Indian origin were absorbed into English during that period and it has grown ever since. Currently the Oxford English Dictionary lists over 700 words of Indian origin."

To read the entire article, please go here.

Something Fun


How would you like to learn to blog in Gujarati? Well now you can, thanks to a web site called just that - How To Blog In Gujarati

The fonts and all the instructions are nicely and concisely presented so anyone can become a Gujarati blogger, here on Blogger or with INDIC ME.

I'm setting up my system too, so I can add a Gujarati blog to my three existing blogs here on Blogger.

I hope you find this information as helpful as I did and that you too will be blogging in Gujarati in no time.

See you on my Gujarati Blog real soon. Until then ... aavjo

Beat The Winter Blues

For those of us not in the warm climate of India, but rather in the colder/snow filled areas of the world, this post is for us. Just because we're not enjoying the warmth of the sun on sand-covered beaches with the sparkling clear water lapping at our bare feet, doesn't mean we can't dream that we're there doing just that.

To help us visualize this, travel with me over to the beaches of Goa and we'll begin to feel warmer all over, just by looking at these gorgeous pictures and imagining ourselves there.

See you there.