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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Children Walking Tall and the Mango House

Children Walking Tall is an organization, which helps children worldwide to break the cycle of poverty and give them a happier, brighter, more productive future, through education, support and friendship. Their ultimate goal ... allowing the children to walk tall!

Here is what they are doing for the children who are suffering in Goa, India.


"There are hundreds of children living on the streets in Goa alone for a number of different reasons. A large number of the children on the streets originate from other regions of India but make the long journey to Goa by train, sweeping the carriages, trying to earn money as they go. The children want to get to Goa because they believe the tourists will provide them with everything they need, but this is not true. Street children can often be found roaming the streets begging for money or sleeping under bridges and in bus stations at night. They are frequently in trouble with the locals who don't want them around because they have a bad effect on business. Some of the children try to earn money by rag or bottle picking, or selling plastic bags in the fish markets, working up to 13 hours a day, but ending up with only a few rupees in their pocket. We felt that the best way we could help would be by starting a charity to provide shelter and food for these children. Allowing us to give the children something they may not have had before, a chance of a childhood worth remembering."

Children Walking Tall is committed to helping them in all ways possible and Mango House, is one of those ways in which they accomplish this goal.

The Mango house is a 100+ year old Portuguese house that had been left empty for 20 years. It has now regained some of it's previous glory through lots of hard work.

Future Plans

Apna Ghar
We have been given permission to visit the state run childrens' detention centre called Apna Ghar. Children are placed there who have had a 'run in' with the law or who have been abandoned in the streets.

Mumbai Visit
In January we hope to make another visit to Mumbai. Shermina and a few of the volunteers hope to give out over 600 sets of clothes, fruit and sweets to the children living in the slums and on the roadside.

Activity Day for the Children
We have been contacted by an adventure sports company who wish to sponsor a day events for 50 children in the next month. This will be a great day out and will give the children to have something to look forward to.

You can read more and help out the Children Walking Tall, either by donations or by volunteering. Please visit their Website today to find out how you can make a difference.

Contact Us
Children Walking Tall
'The Mango House'
H.No 148/3
Near Vrundavan Hospital
Karaswada, Mapusa
Bardez, Goa

Children Walking Tall

You can also vote for Children Walking Tall.

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