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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

AW Blog Comment Chain #4

It's time for the Absolute Write Comment Chain #4. Starting November 15th, we have to leave a comment on each blog and do it within a week - that's 14 blogs, 7 days. Here are the participants:

Centre for Emotional Well-Being
Cobwebs of the Mind
The Secret Government Eggo Project
Marilyn's Royal Blog
Everything Indian that's me ;-)
Nancy's Baby Names
Just a Small Town Girl
The Road Less Traveled
Food History
A view from the Waterfront
D The Unagented Writer
Back Coffee-Red Pen
The Breast Blog

Please join us in visiting their pages and leaving a comment or two. See you there.


  1. This is such a clever thing to do! Thank you for urging your readers to read the other sites you are reading. (Wow, was that confusing to read because it was confusing to type!)

  2. thanks Karen. you're welcome. nah, it wasn't THAT confusing. ;-)