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Thursday, October 12, 2006

SRK's 'Don' interview on Sabras Radio in the UK

Shah Rukh Khan's 'Don' interview with Faruk Razak will be broadcast on Sabras Radio during Faruk's show on Tuesday October 17th (just three days before the film's release) @10 A.M. (U.K. time). Don't miss it! But if you do, Raj Baddhan will replay it on either Thursday or Friday during his 'Drivetime Show'.


  1. It seems like you like SRK very I see lots of post about SRK on your blog...
    Yaaa...Don is going to be released and I am waiting eagerly to see it (in India as I am going back this Diwali)

  2. I do not know what is your plan about this blog but if you just make your entries a little bit longer and add an image then they can get quite a decent amount of hits from search engines.

  3. Yep that's me Shashi - SRK is the KIng of Bollywood! ;-)

    Thanks for the advice Razib. Will take it under advisement.