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Monday, August 07, 2006

The Sixth Night

For all you Goans out there and for anyone interested in Goa and/or India, here's a book that you should have on your reading list.

By Silviano C. Barbosa
Published: 2004
Publisher: Goa Raj Books, Toronto, Canada
Cover Art: Venantius J. Pinto (New York)
314 pages
ISBN 0-9736200-0-5

The SIXTH NIGHT was released on December 21, 2005, at Clube Vasco da Gama, Panjim, Goa, by noted novelist Margaret Mascarenhas.

This novel portrays the travails of a Catholic girl growing up in traditional Goa of the 1950s during the last decade of the Portuguese rule.

Linda Cardoso quickly loses the illusion that she lives in a close-knit community as she battles the evil of caste discrimination. She falls hopelessly in love with a foreigner, only to lose him abruptly during the Indo-Portuguese conflict of 1961.

Left alone, ostracised, helpless and pregnant, she has to leave her child for an unknown future in the West and to a new land--Canada.

A story of love, hate, jealousy and intrigue -- great insights into Goan life, traditions and customs.

This unique and popular novel is a compendium of Goan culture, arts, history, geography, traditions, food, faith, psyche and Goan pride. All you need to know about Goa is in this novel.

The author touches the inner core of the reader's conscience with his caustic social commentary to the point that it almost sounds controversial.

No one has to pay for the sins of their forefathers. But they can at least read about them in this novel!

More details at Goa Raj

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