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Friday, August 11, 2006

AW Chain Round Four Begins

The fourth round of our AW (Absolute Write) chain has begun. As the participants put up their posts in turn, I'll be adding the permalinks on the sidebar (under AW Chain Round Four), so you can follow the chain through.

Please follow along with us and enjoy the ride!

Here are our participants websites, not necessarily in posting order, so make sure to follow the chain from the sidebar please.


Pass the Torch

The Road Less Travelled

Fireflies in the Cloud

Even in a Little Thing

The Secret Government Eggo Project

Curiouser and Curiouser

At Home, Writing

Mad Scientist Matt's Lair

I, Misanthrope - The Dairy of a Dyslexic Writer

Beyond the Great Chimney Production Log

Flying Shoes

Everything Indian

The Hal Spacejock Series

Organized Chaos

Of Chapters and Reels

Just a Small town girl

Midnight Muse

Kappa no He

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