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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Recognition is wonderful!

I have to say after adding my name to the Absolute Write (AW) Blogroll on Teddy Gross' site - Cobwebs of the Mind (see the fourth site down from the top), I had no idea that a connection would be made. Not knowing me personally, Teddy wrote from the heart, what he felt about me as a writer and my site after visiting it. He absolutely made my day and encouraged me all the more to continue with my passion for writing.

It makes me so thrilled to know that I can touch another human being so deeply with the words I use to paint the blank white canvas of my blogspace (well, actually in this case the color of the canvas is pink). It reminds me of something I wrote some years ago. Thank you Teddy for reminding me of the best gift my mother gave me after the gift of life.

The clean, crisp pages of a new journal beckoning to be
touched by the ink of a gracefully flowing pen

They wait to be transformed into a treasure, story,
or poem

A personal creation, part of the inner self,
a window into the soul

Complete, it waits for others to read, experience and
be transcended to places, imaginary or real

It possesses the power to make others laugh, cry, and show
emotions which otherwise are kept hidden deep within

Writing and reading the printed words is something to
be cherished and given to others as a gift which lasts forever

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