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Monday, June 26, 2006

Welfare of Mentally Retarded Children

There are over 30 million (3%) mentally retarded children in India, of whom hardly a fringe attend special schools or get vocational training. For vast majority there is no help because of the lack of resources.

The “Delhi Society for the Welfare of Mentally Retarded Children” was founded in 1964 to organize the efforts of parents, doctors, social workers and well-wishers for providing care, education, training and rehabilitation facilities for the mentally retarded. It has set up a Day School, Diagnostic and Child Guidance Clinic, Vocational Training Centre and Transport Service at OKHLA CENTRE, Okhla Marg, New Delhi. The cost of supporting the care for one child is $150 per year.

Delhi Society for the Welfare of Mentally Retarded Children
Okhla Centre, Okhla Marg, opposite Holy Family Hospital,
New Delhi-1 10025;
Phone: 26310979


  1. Its a good job by Delhi society for the mentally retarded children in India.The cost of supporting the care for one child is $150 per year.This is nice post.Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is really a sad situation.We have to do more for them.Think about them and also create solutions where in we could give them a better life.

  3. Very good job by Delhi society, these people need more then just care, they need to do things that regular people do, study, work make money, socialize, recently i came across an NGO ( that is associated with Jaago Re working to rehabilitate the disabled with different various inputs and in order to create a balance in their lives.