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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

VNS Innovations - "A great boon to Asian Indian crowd"

New Disposable Underarm Sweat Pads Promise to Relieve Excessive Sweat

Popular Sweatex brand disposable sweat pads to enter into US market.

(PRWEB) April 4, 2006 -- VNS Innovations, the makers of the popular Sweatex brand underarm sweat pads announced today that they plan to enter into US market. After receiving a tremendous response from countries like India, VNS Innovations plan to launch the product to the resident Asian and American public.

“The product is a great boon to Asian Indian crowd” said Lakshmi Papineni, founder of VNS Innovations. “People, who wear tight clothes by their culture or by choice, will really benefit from our product. We designed it such way that is extremely convenient to wear it and not bother about annoying underarm sweat marks that spoils the clothes.” added Lakshmi.

“For decades, people from tropical countries dealt with ugly and annoying sweat marks under the arms when they wear expensive ethnic clothes like sarees. They had no choice. Deodorants worked superficially but still left the clothes in bad shape. With Sweatex disposable underarm pads, that problem is thing of the past. Sweatex is a self-sticking ultra thin absorbing pad that sits inside of the garment there by absorbing sweat and leaves the clothes fresh for repeated use.” She added.

“The savings on the dry-cleaning bills itself is a relief” said Lakshmi Papineni. "Party wardrobe like silk blouses is real expensive and gets spoiled only after a single use. By using Sweatex disposable pads, the clothes long last.”

VNS Innovations is the proud manufacturer of this innovative yet affordable product. The product was originally launched in India and is expanding for the Indian Asian community all over the world. The product Sweatex is available from and from select Indian retail stores.