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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My review of The Ashram

The Ashram awakens the consciousness and as Robert Gover (Editor, Writer’s Digest School) so aptly put it, “immerses the reader in a sensory bath that is India.” It is rich with culture and tradition. The characters are complex but so well-defined that we can easily relate to them, as they struggle with life and death questions and decisions; suffering as we all do.

Despite being fiction, it takes you to a time and place where suttee, although outlawed, still took place in reality. Steeped in mystery and spiritual enlightenment, it enthralls the readers and keeps them riveted to their seats as they anxiously turn from one page to the next, not wanting to put it down until the cat and mouse game, which will keep you guessing throughout, is solved and the secrets are revealed.

“It is the story of two people living on opposite ends of the world: one dreaming of death, the other running from it. Improbably, their fate lies wrapped in each other.” - Press Release

Dr. Jonathan Kingsley travels to an ashram in India, trying to escape his suicidal thoughts after the death of his wife. Hoping to find peace by helping others who seek out the shelter of the ashram, Jonathan encounters practices and rituals he never knew existed. As he searches for a reason to keep on living, a young woman struggles to keep her own husband alive, not only out of love, but for her own safety.

It is the hope of the author that those readers, who find themselves like Dr. Kingsley, battling with the demons of losing a loved one to suicide and going through the process of learning to love again or the women of this saga who are victims of abuse will find a healing and a voice. The Ashram takes this fear and oppression and shows how such trials can lead into happiness and fulfillment.

Sattar infuses this beautifully written story with all the love, experience and passion for life and writing that he has found within himself. It is this labour of love, which has been nurtured for ten years that has finally come to fruition and the results are EXTRAORDINARY! Definitely a novel worth waiting for! Allow yourself to be immersed in it and emerge a stronger person afterwards. Anyone reading The Ashram despite culture, background or walk of life, will be forever affected by the story it has to tell.

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