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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Not just writing!

Besides all the writing, there has to be time to read too. I try to fit this in wherever possible, which explains the backpack with books and journals (to take important notes for future use) I carry everywhere. If I have to wait somewhere like in the doctor's office or in the parking lot of my daughters' workplace until they come out, there is almost always a book in my hands.

The lastest novel that I just finished reading was 'Speech of Angels' by Sharon Maas. You can find the review I wrote on it above.

'The Ashram' by Sattar Memon is a novel you will want to read, especially if you like mysteries, romance and spirituality, as it encompasses all of those and more. You can find my review and interview with Dr. Memon under My Article Link in the sidebar.

The next novel that is on the list (and still somewhere in the mail) is 'Untouchables : My Family's Triumphant Journey Out of the Caste System in Modern India by Narendra Jadhav

Vikram Seth 's new novel 'Two Lives' is also on my reading list. Yesterday, SAJA had a live Web Cast interview with this famous author, who is best known for his novel 'A Suitable Boy'. Here is the link to the interview, if you would like to hear it. SAJA


  1. hallo there good to be here, to be able to read everything indian :)

    u keep mentioning abt the ashram and i begin to look for the book but as of now, i failed to locate it in the bookstores nearby. but i will keep looking for it coz the ashram sounds very interesting

    lots of love - Mazlina

  2. Hi sis,

    Just click on Sattar Memon's name in the article and it will take you to his Amazon page. We'll have it for sale on my website soon.

    dil se,