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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New Diaspora Forum

This is one of the forums I'm affiliated with. Some of its members have even helped with ideas and questions I had concerning my novel. This forum is run by my friend Eddie D'SA.


New Disapora serves as an independent forum for general discourse by South Asians, including Goans settled in the West and elsewhere. Commentaries have already been presented and views exchanged on a host of subjects including the Arts, language, literature, history, politics, race, culture, religion, gender issues, community projects. Asian diaspora are invited to assess their situation within the host country, and explore relations between host, homeland and the wider world. (courtesy of New Diaspora)

Some of the members have their own websites too. Here are the links to some of the sites:

Vaibhav Gangan/

Frederick Noronha

Ben Antao

Cliff Pereira

Ruth DeSouza's New Book - 'Walking upright here' and her website

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