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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Goin' To Goa!

One of my favorite sayings is - "I'm goin' to Goa!" And someday I'll actually get there. In the meantime, my friend and fellow co-writer and I have written a Bollywood script. We are now in the process of adapting it into a novel. The title is My India Passages Through Time. The script is in the possession of a Bollywood director and the novel will soon be published.

Since it has to do with the state of Goa, I think we've researched every Goan site on the Internet or we're at least very close to it in order to get our facts straight. Here are some which we have found and enjoy. Hope you will too.

Goa Net

Goa World

Goa Com

Goan Cultural Society Events and G.M.S.

Travel to Goa - Goa Tourism, Goa2u and Tourism of India

Goa Sudharop

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