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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Indian Humor

Melvin Durai is an India-born, North America-based humorist, writer and occasional stand-up comedian and he is hilarious. Check out his website at Melvin Durai to see what I mean. You can even sign up to get his weekly newsletter in your mailbox.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Ugly Family Secrets

Ugly Family Secrets is an article written by another of my fellow writers at the Writing in India Yahoo group, Jane Henry.

It reveals the startling prevalence of child sexual abuse in Indian families and the importance of addressing it. Please read her article at Ugly Family Secrets

Jane also would like you to know that there are currently24-hour national child helplines in well over 50 cities in India. Last year alone the Bangalore helpline(1098) was able to intervene in about 120 cases of child abuse.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Goin' To Goa!

One of my favorite sayings is - "I'm goin' to Goa!" And someday I'll actually get there. In the meantime, my friend and fellow co-writer and I have written a Bollywood script. We are now in the process of adapting it into a novel. The title is My India Passages Through Time. The script is in the possession of a Bollywood director and the novel will soon be published.

Since it has to do with the state of Goa, I think we've researched every Goan site on the Internet or we're at least very close to it in order to get our facts straight. Here are some which we have found and enjoy. Hope you will too.

Goa Net

Goa World

Goa Com

Goan Cultural Society Events and G.M.S.

Travel to Goa - Goa Tourism, Goa2u and Tourism of India

Goa Sudharop

Amy's Indian Food Products

I just discovered Amy's Kitchen - specifically her Indian food products. (her parents actually met in India) If you're on a vegetarian or gluten-free diet these meals are for you. Besides buying them in your grocery and health food stores, hundreds of college and university campuses are now selling Amy’s great tasting organic vegetarian food in their convenience stores too.

Tonight I had the Mattar Paneer and boy was it great! Tender organic peas and Indian cheese in an authentic delicately spiced sauce. Golden carrots, onions and cumin add flavor and color to the organic basmati rice. Curried chana masala round out this delicious meal that will appeal to all who appreciate fine Indian cooking.

Are you hungry yet? lol

I'm looking forward to trying the Palak Paneer, Samosa Wraps, Mattar Tofu and Vegetable Korma.

Check out her site here

You can also vote for Amy's Kitchen here

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Lovemarks for things Indian

Lovemarks is a site where you can nominate and leave comments for brand name items and now for people and places you love. Here are a few from India:


Shah Rukh Khan


Taj Mahal

The Ashram

The Indian Express

Matheran - Hill Stations of India

Kerala, India

Writing Contests and Such

I've entered my share of writing contests in my time. (my time? wow that makes me feel old - lol) Anyway, here are the links to a two of them. Unfortunately, I didn't win with either of them. : (

A Lasting Impression - India Smiles Contest

A Mind Brewing Experience - (See if you can find the Indian connection)
Caffeine Society Stories

Writing Forums/Groups

Here is the very first writing group I signed up with, which just happens to be based in India.

It's called Writing In India and used to be a Topica list. It has recently moved to Yahoo and here is the link - Writing In India/

I've also met many wonderful people from this group and would like to share their blogs with you too.

Alfred's Thinking Without A Box

International Freelance Writer and Author - Mridu Khullar

Hasmita's Blog

Amrit Hallan

Paritosh Shuttam

Mangesh Ghogre

The Power of Vedic Mathematics

Janani's Blogspot

Manoj's Website Marketing Designs

Bollywood and EBAY

Here are the links to my two favorite Bollywood stores on EBAY. Check them out for yourself and tell them Simran sent you. : )

The Absolute Indian Store and bollywood-international-fan-shop

Happy shopping!

New Diaspora Forum

This is one of the forums I'm affiliated with. Some of its members have even helped with ideas and questions I had concerning my novel. This forum is run by my friend Eddie D'SA.


New Disapora serves as an independent forum for general discourse by South Asians, including Goans settled in the West and elsewhere. Commentaries have already been presented and views exchanged on a host of subjects including the Arts, language, literature, history, politics, race, culture, religion, gender issues, community projects. Asian diaspora are invited to assess their situation within the host country, and explore relations between host, homeland and the wider world. (courtesy of New Diaspora)

Some of the members have their own websites too. Here are the links to some of the sites:

Vaibhav Gangan/

Frederick Noronha

Ben Antao

Cliff Pereira

Ruth DeSouza's New Book - 'Walking upright here' and her website

Domestic Violence Awareness

Two weekends ago, I went on a walk that encourages all to Stop Domestic Violence with the group dedicated to helping South Asian women, called Saheli

The article about the walk appears here - Saheli Walk

I've also written an article on the abuse against women too, which you can find under my articles link in the sidebar.

Turning the tables

My friend and fellow journalist Aswin turned the tables on me by making me the interviewee instead of the interviewer. But it was a lot of fun. If you'd like to read the interview, please go to the following link.


Also, please check out my Shah Rukh Khan website

Not just writing!

Besides all the writing, there has to be time to read too. I try to fit this in wherever possible, which explains the backpack with books and journals (to take important notes for future use) I carry everywhere. If I have to wait somewhere like in the doctor's office or in the parking lot of my daughters' workplace until they come out, there is almost always a book in my hands.

The lastest novel that I just finished reading was 'Speech of Angels' by Sharon Maas. You can find the review I wrote on it above.

'The Ashram' by Sattar Memon is a novel you will want to read, especially if you like mysteries, romance and spirituality, as it encompasses all of those and more. You can find my review and interview with Dr. Memon under My Article Link in the sidebar.

The next novel that is on the list (and still somewhere in the mail) is 'Untouchables : My Family's Triumphant Journey Out of the Caste System in Modern India by Narendra Jadhav

Vikram Seth 's new novel 'Two Lives' is also on my reading list. Yesterday, SAJA had a live Web Cast interview with this famous author, who is best known for his novel 'A Suitable Boy'. Here is the link to the interview, if you would like to hear it. SAJA

Writing, writing and more writing

I've been writing so many things, assignments, my novel, website updates and e-mails that I haven't been able to sit down and get this blog writing started. But here I am - finally!

My job as copy editor and contributing writer for Bollyvista, besides maintaining my Shah Rukh Khan page and writing articles and posts for Shah Rukh's Official Home/Forum Asian Outlook keeps me busy during the late night hours.

Writing for various India periodicals such as Namaskar India(online soon), Lokvani and India New England , content writing, along with participating in NaNoWriMo to write a novel in a month's time and doing the PR work for 'The Ashram' (please see my articles link) and various volunteer efforts and meetings keep my daytime hours filled.

When do I sleep you ask? Sleep is a precious commodity, which I don't receive enough of, but I'm trying to fit that into my life as well.