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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Please Vote for Navin Kundra as Best Urban Singer

Navin Kundra has been nominated for Best Urban Singer at the UK Bhangra Awards. Please take a moment to vote for him via text and online at - thank you for your support! 

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Khoob Designs - Challenging the Market for Asian Clothing

Hey everyone, there's a brand new place in town! Please check out Khoob Designs for the most innovative designs in Asian clothing. Share it with your family and friends too. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Navin Kundra Announces His New Album – The Collection

It has been nine years in the making for this amazing album, but it is here! Take the musical journey from the beginning of Navin Kundra's career to his latest track 50 Shades, which debuted on Sunday, September 20 at the London Fashion Week. It was during the ‎House Of Ikons' Rajni K Sethi collection that Navin turned the ramp into a fire!

The album titled The Collection had its pre-Launch the day before at Sabras Radio's 20th year birthday bash which Navin hosted.

Experience the versatility, power, passion and talent showcased through this 18 track album titled The Collection, which includes 6 #1 hits and 3 breathtakingly beautiful Hindi mix covers. This limited edition album comes personalized and hand signed by Navin. Don't miss out! Get yours TODAY by clicking here.

Monday, September 14, 2015


My novel soon to be published is titled Postcards from Goa!

Here is the synopsis.

They were from two very different cultures, brought together during a time of turmoil and a fight for freedom. Separated by one man whose only aim in life was to win every battle he fought, regardless of who was hurt in the process.
Decades later, a young woman with few clues to go on tries to piece together a story that was left untold, never imagining that it would take her to the distant parts of the earth, to a place she had never even heard of - Goa, India.
What she uncovers both intrigues and frightens her. How does the full story and the people who reveal it to her force her to question her own ideals of love and relationships?
You'll find out for yourself when you experience Postcards from Goa.
What do you think? Is it a story that interests you?

Contest for Postcards from Goa

Before the novel is published, I would like to add a section of readers' questions about writing in general or about the story, as long as the answer won't give too much away.
If there are enough interesting questions, I'll put that section into the book, and one questioning reader will be randomly chosen to receive a free signed copy of Postcards from Goa once it becomes available.
The requirements are simple. Just go to my Facebook author page - like and share the post, and then leave your question in the comment section below, and we'll go from there. :)

A Journey in the Making

It will be nine years ago on Saturday (19/9/2006) that I was online listening to my favorite show - Drivetime with Raj Baddhan on Sabras Radio in the UK, when he introduced a young man named Navin Kundra and his first radio interview with him. We listened as Navin explained his love of music from a very early age, and how it had brought him to learn to play the keyboard and then progress to singing. He embraced his talents, took every opportunity that offered a platform for singing and dancing.
In time it paid off as he went on to win the BBC Asian Network's Unsung competition. From there, he was chosen to represent the entire UK on India's biggest music show on Zee TV, Sa Re Ga Ma, for their world series, filmed in Dubai (among many other achievements, such as performing on several occasions for the royal family, and singing on an episode of Strictly Come Dancing - see his wikipedia page -
The highlight of the interview was when Navin sang his debut song, which he wrote and composed called Tukde, Tukde (Pieces). I didn't understand the lyrics but it wasn't necessary to be able to feel the raw emotions behind this heart-breaking love song. It absolutely blew me away, and I knew right there and then I had to interview him for Bollyvista, the Indian entertainment website I was writing for at the time, and located him on MySpace. That was just the beginning of the journey.
In the years since, I have met Navin twice at concerts, in Canada no less, interviewed him countless times, and have been continually blown away by the beautiful music he creates, the talent he exudes, and the dedication to his art. He always gives it everything he has and pushes himself beyond the limits, so that he can as he says, "touch the lives of his listeners"; which he has certainly done!
Most of his music can be found here, including his 6 #1 smash hits, but if you want to hear his unreleased music, read pages from his diary, be part of the exclusive video chats, and much, much more, you'll have to join his VIPs on his official website - http://navin-online/vip , for an unforgettable, exciting, and really fun experience.
Navin has been interviewed many times by t.v. and radio presenters around the world, including several on Sabras, but Saturday, exactly nine years to the date, Sabras Radio is celebrating 20 years on air with a big bash, and Navin is their host! Talk about coming full circle! Well done U!!!
And what a journey it has been!! With that thought - Happy 20th Anniversary to Sabras Radio and Happy 9th Anniversary to Navin!
PS Thank you Raj Baddhan and Sabras Radio 1260 AM/DAB/ for being the ones to introduce us to Navin and his beautiful music! Still listening to the interview all these years later, thanks to a sweet recording! :)

Here is the original post I wrote on that day.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

John Legend "All Of Me" (Hindi Mix Cover) by Navin Kundra

Love, love, love this amazingly beautiful cover sooooooo much!!! Well Done Navin!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It ...

Don't Miss Out On This Amazing Secret Mission!! You Won't Be Disappointed!!! 

Become one of Navin Kundra's VIPs today, and get in on all the fun!

Navin's Official Website




Friday, September 19, 2014

John Legend "All Of Me" (Hindi Mix Cover) by Navin Kundra

Hey everyone, check out Navin Kundra's exquisite cover of John Legend's gorgeous ballad, All of Me with an amazing Hindi twist to it. You don't want to miss out on this! And please feel free to share as much as possible!

"Sometimes, words alone aren't enough to express how you feel...but set those words to melody, and you have music that says it all. If you're in love, watch and share this with your special someone." ~ Navin Kundra

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I just had to cover this song cos I fell in love with it the very first time I heard it. I thought I'd put my own spin on this song too and performed it just for you guys. If you like, please share, comment and subscribe! Thanks :)

No copyright infringement intended - original song by John Legend.